May 20: What Now? Sermon based on Acts 1:15-17, 21-26

Posted: May 22, 2012 in Book of Acts, Pastoral ministry, Sermons

Notes: I find this passage to fall in an interesting place in the book of Acts.   It comes after Jesus ascends and makes the promise of the coming baptism of the Holy Spirit.  And it fall before the events of Pentecost.  In Feasting with the Word, the author for this section says that the disciples seek a structural solution to a spiritual issue.  So, in dealing with this passage this week, the word that kept coming to mind was transition.

I ran across a quote from former baseball player Willie Stargell that said, “All of life is a transition.”

The disciples are living in transition — moving from Jesus in their presence and looking to the day he returns.  How do we handle life in the transition?  They handle their unfinished business; they look for others to share in the journey; and they take a chance to move forward.

May 20: Sermon audio for WHAT NOW?



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