May 6: Sermon: Alongside for the ride

Posted: May 8, 2012 in Book of Acts, Pastoral ministry, Resurrection, Sermons

Notes:  Thanks to some technical issues, I was not able to post sermons for a few weeks.  I will post two older ones later this week.  Now, let’s concentrate on this week!  I love a good story and I love to hear one and to tell one.  There’s a great story flowing behind this passage from Acts 8:26-40.  I started to explore Philip’s life as a disciple and I noticed how often he was willing to “go.”  He goes and tells Nathaniel about meeting Jesus. Philip goes to Samaria and starts a church.  And then Philip gets another message to go “Going” is already a part of Philip’s nature.

It’s a strange passage and a strange encounter on a dirty, dusty road between Jerusalem and Gaza.  Philip asks the man he meets if he understands the scroll of Isaiah from which he’s reading.  And the man’s reply is classic: How will I understand without someone to explain it to me?

The mission of the church is to share in the journey with others, to start where we all are and to help us move closer to the image of Christ.

Click here for May 6: ALONGSIDE


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