Reckless Love: Drawn to Jesus, Sermon, March 25, 2012

Posted: March 27, 2012 in Lent, Pastoral ministry, Sermons

Text:  John 12:20-33

Thoughts: In the previous week, I concentrated on the statement of “Quit looking at your feet and lift your eyes to the cross.”  This passage has a similar thought — look up at the cross and be drawn to Jesus.  There’s a contrast to be made of how we are drawn to Jesus and how we can also do some things that repel people from Jesus.  Jesus’ name gets attached to a lot of causes he never spoke to and he gets credited with a lot of statements he never made.  In the end, it is when we love, when we give to another, when we show compassion, grace, love and mercy — and not just talk about them — that we truly show the world Jesus.  When we show the world Jesus, people are drawn to him.





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